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Martin K. Zitter

Creator & Coach: MAJOR LEAGUE RINGBALL - The birth of a unique new ballsport brand.

I'm a former successful stockbroker/financial consultant/bond & loan salesman with broad experience in all aspects of asset and investment management. Direct experience with real estate, financial planning and venture capital. Interested in early-stage sports start-ups as well as companies in recreation industry financing.

Specialties:Sports entrepreneur, manager and coach. Scholarly interest in ancient Precolumbian Mesoamerican ballgames and modern derivations.


Creator & Coach

Major League Ringball & 
CIRCUS MAYAS --  February 2007 – Present (6 years 2 months) Greater Los Angeles Area


Pacific Coast Regional Small Business Development Corp 2011 – 2011 (less than a year)

Founder/General Manager/Coach

The Modern Royal Ballgames - Pokatok & TlachballJanuary 2002 – December 2011 (10 years)

Pokatok is the portable ball sport field activity designed to allow the practice of the ball-handling techniques that will be required to play Tlachball. The name is derived from a 19th Century linguistic misreading of the Yucatec Maya name pok’ol’[ta] pok

Tlachball is a multi-faceted collaborative effort designed to introduce to the world a spectacular modern competitive ballsport based on the ancient Precolumbian Mesoamerican ballgame. The name is derived from tlachtli, the Nahuatl (Aztec) name for the game and the suffix –bol, for ball, now in Spanish language vernacular use.

The mission of the Pokatok Ballgame Program is to attract and train scholar-athletes who will create and manage the Collegiate Tlachball Association to bring to campus, community and commerce an exciting competitive version of the ancient Mesoamerican game on the first purpose-designed ballcourt to be built in the modern era.

Independent Housing and Residential and Commercial Loan Consultant

MKZ AssociatesJanuary 1995 – June 2002 (7 years 6 months)

· Originates single/multi-family/commercial purchase, refinance and construction financing.
· Creates/utilizes proforma analysis for acquisition, finance, appraisal, marketing, etc.
· Presents SBA, FHA 203(k), 232 and 221(d) training with nonprofits & investors

Business / Financial Consulting / Mortgage Banking

Various BusinessesJanuary 1979 – January 2002 (23 years 1 month)

Financial consultant with Merrill Lynch, Shearson, Lehman Brothers, American Express. Mortgage banker/broker with Countrywide, Wells Fargo.


Wells Fargo/Norwest/Directors MortgageJanuary 1989 – January 1995 (6 years 1 month)

· Originated residential purchase, refinance and rehabilitation home loans.
· Served as Chair of Pasadena Association of Realtors Community Home Buyers.
· Implemented training course for new REALTORS and nonprofit housing providers.

Registered Representative
Merrill Lynch & CoJanuary 1980 – January 1989 (9 years 1 month)

· Consulted with private and corporate clients in planning investments. (Series 7)
· Real estate liscensee. Succeeded in production goals