Casting Schedule

This role demands a dramatic vocal and dance performance, plus, you will also be required to do freestyle solo and group trick moves with a ball. Think of the ball moves like soccer, but with also using hands and fists; and head-to-head volleyball, but with feet as well, and no net. Ensemble auditions are on Sunday, March 4, 2018, from 10AM to 4PM at Plaza de la Raza Cultural Center in Lincoln Park. Please respond if you are interested, capable, and available that day. RSVP A MUST -- Martin Zitter 626 398 1960


Contact: Martin Zitter
626 398 1960

Royal Ringball, LLC, announces tryout/castings for roles in Los Angeles, California.

Exact location and details to be announced.

 Wednesday through Wednesday, TBD
Casting 15 males and 15 females, 18 to 30 years-old, 16+ with a parent.
All types considered but must be athletic, fit and trim.  Advanced to extreme basketball, volleyball, soccer, ball-handling and/or free running skills are necessary.



-Athletic coaches and trainers with the desire to appear in a new field.
-Front office management and staff with experience in the entertainment business.
-A few eager interns, paid and/or credited, and volunteers as needed.
Regardless of position, you must schedule your session to learn the activity.
- You will be required to sign general liability release forms.

- Wardrobe - Arrive wearing a plain white or light grey t-shirt and shorts with no visible logos or other color markings or jewelry.  Shoes may be general cross-trainers, joggers or basketball; no cleats.  Be prepared to sweat.
- Parking is plentiful and free.  Check in at reception to be issued gear with only your driver license or photo ID, signed release forms, resume/CV, and car keys in hand.